Dr. Jack Gourman
Dr. Jack Gourman, former professor of political science and CEO at California State University, has five earned degrees.

Dr. Gourman was educated at the University of Notre Dame, UCLA, and the University of Paris-Sorbonne, where he received his PH.D. Degree.

Dr. Gourman has been preparing assessments for over 30 years and has authored numerous books and monographs. He is the leading international authority in the field of higher education assessment and intercollegiate athletics.

Dr. Gourman is a consultant to several corporations, government agencies (Federal, State, and Local), colleges, and universities.

Dr. Gourman emphases that, “Today’s schools are in a constant state of flux from the forces of budget constraints and technological advances. What would have been a student’s first choice just a few years ago may not be applicable today. A top rating in one curriculum does not guarantee a top rating in another.”

The Gourman Report, authored by Dr. Gourman, is the most up-to-date report of its kind. Dr. Gourman feels that education and its cost are too important not to know what schools are currently providing.

National Education Standards, for which Dr. Gourman serves as the Director of Research, is an organization whose prime function is the evaluation of the effectiveness of higher education in the United States and throughout the world.

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